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Credit where credit’s due

In Dubai, I’m not normally a fan of ‘main dealer’ distributors. In my experience, they tend to abuse their monopolistic control of their marques, gouging their customers with overpriced service and parts, incompetent mechanics and dubious working practices.

So it is with a mixture of surprise and delight that I can today commend Al Nabooda’s Porsche Service Centre in the highest terms. I had managed to puncture a rear tyre on the Boxster, and encountered problems removing the wheel. (Blame previous incompetent tyre-changer who damaged a part, but then concealed the resulting problem rather than explain it to me.) Off to my usual friendly tyre shop, Fancy Tyres behind Speedex, but for once they were stumped. So too were the other local independents I would normally turn to, and the only possible avenue was a trip to the dreaded ‘main dealer’.

Fully expecting expense and disdain, I was instead met with a smile, and genuine help. The guys behind the counter in the spares department solved the problem, got me mobile again, and didn’t charge me a single dirham for the process. I was confounded.

So, this post is a recognition of service above and beyond the call, and a wholehearted vote of thanks to a team who completely reversed my opinion of their garage. Well done, Al Nabooda Porsche!

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