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Mashreq Al Islami – worst radio ad ever?

Shame on you, Mashreq Bank. The latest offering to assault the eardrums and pollute the airwaves of this fine city plumbs new depths of awfulness. Two young arab men hyperventilating about mortgage rates? Come on. Getting so excited they “must dial that number right away”? Get real.

As ever, the most astonishing part of the whole sorry affair is not actually the concept, which is risible, or the delivery, which is worse, but that nobody, not the creative team, not the account executive, not the client, not the radio station, not a single one of the people involved in this farago had the wit or wisdom to recognise how toe-curlingly awful the thing is.

Mashreq Bank – sack your agency now, then your own marketing department, and don’t spend another dirham on advertising until you’ve found someone who actually understands the imp0rtance of brand!

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