Credit where credit’s due

In Dubai, I’m not normally a fan of ‘main dealer’ distributors. In my experience, they tend to abuse their monopolistic control of their marques, gouging their customers with overpriced service and parts, incompetent mechanics and dubious working practices.

So it is with a mixture of surprise and delight that I can today commend Al Nabooda’s Porsche Service Centre in the highest terms. I had managed to puncture a rear tyre on the Boxster, and encountered problems removing the wheel. (Blame previous incompetent tyre-changer who damaged a part, but then concealed the resulting problem rather than explain it to me.) Off to my usual friendly tyre shop, Fancy Tyres behind Speedex, but for once they were stumped. So too were the other local independents I would normally turn to, and the only possible avenue was a trip to the dreaded ‘main dealer’.

Fully expecting expense and disdain, I was instead met with a smile, and genuine help. The guys behind the counter in the spares department solved the problem, got me mobile again, and didn’t charge me a single dirham for the process. I was confounded.

So, this post is a recognition of service above and beyond the call, and a wholehearted vote of thanks to a team who completely reversed my opinion of their garage. Well done, Al Nabooda Porsche!

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“Despite repeated reminders”

The Gulf News runs a laudable consumer issues column, seeking to address injustices perpetrated on individual customers by large corporations. Usually the format is that a customer feels aggrieved by a failure of service, finds the organisation completely unresponsive to complaint, and turns the matter over to the Gulf News in hope of finding a champion for their cause. That this process should ever be necessary is an indictment of service standards here generally, but the UAE is far from unique in this respect: a number of popular UK newspapers enjoy a similar role, taking on national institutions on behalf of disenfranchised individuals. And generally enjoying a degree of success.

The same process applies here, and a number of local organisations both small and large are learning the benefits of a swift and positive response.  Most now reply with some form of conciliatory gesture “We would like to thank Customer X for this opportunity to address his concerns” and go on to note that the issue has been resolved. The only shame is that the newspaper had to be involved in the first place.

But there is one group of organisations that is utterly beyond the pale, and should be held accountable. Too often, we read “Despite repeated reminders.the RTA failed to provide a response” and “Despite repeated requests, Etisalat did not respond”. Government bodies should be model institutions, fully responsive and accountable. That they choose not to address issues raised by concerned individuals and citizens brings shame on all who work there, and on the management that allows them to shirk their responsibilities. Above all, National institutions must by held accountable.

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New Phishing scam

Handle these with considerable care! I have received a number of similar emails, all identifying themselves as originating from Mashreq Bank, and all phoney. Clues? Look at the spelling mistakes, the mangled English, the spoofed Mashreq email address. I have never clicked on the response link so have no idea where it goes, and I strongly recommend you don’t either! But if you get one of these purporting to come from your own bank, do the world a favour and forward it to their security team. TVC

Regarding Your Account – Read Carefully.
Mashreq Bank <>

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New Page 1

Your access to Online Banking Service has
suspended. Due to a miss-match access code
between your
Security information.
To enable you continue accessing your
online account it will only take you few
minutes to
verify your Identity.

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N.B: We apologise for any inconviniency this may cause

Thank you for banking with Us

Customer Service
Mashreq Online Banking

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