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du still at it!

Oh, the irony!  Just noticed that the very inspiration for this blog are still at it, regarding customers as a resource to be harvested, rather than a source of business to be appreciated and respected.

Having commented in positive terms about their Real Broadband package, and actually subscribed, why am I surprised to be met with non-delivery of promised service, degradation of existing connection, clueless call centre staff providing venal platitudes instead of informed solutions. And to cap it all, the auto-reply email today reaffirms my status in the pecking order…

Dear Valuable Customer

Thank you for giving du the opportunity to be your operator of choice. It is our mission to give our customers the best possible experience at every point of interaction.

One of our customer care representatives will endeavor to attend to your inquiry within three working days.

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us.

Kind Regards,

عزيزي المشترك،

نشكر لك اختيارك لشبكة دو لتوفير خدمات الاتصال لديك. مهمتنا تقديم أفضل خدمة لعملائنا الكرام في كل عملية اتصال من قبلكم. سيقوم أحد موظفي خدمة العملاء بالرد على طلبكم خلال الثلاثة أيام عمل القادمة.

إرضائكم هدفنا،،

مع أطيب تحيات قسم خدمات العملاء